Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etude House pt.3 [Lippies]

Etude House Colour Me Nude Lip Concealer:
This concealer is perfect for making my lips nude so that I can get the exact shade of my lipstick without being affected by my natural lip colour. However this concealer will slightly settle into fine lines if your lips are dry, so I suggest putting some lip balm on before to moisture your lips, also when applying this concealer make sure to dab it lightly on your lips and then spread it out with your fingers, because if you apply it on like lipstick/balm it will be too thick and make you look like a corpse.


Dear Darling Lips:
I have this in PK007, when applied you will notice how creamy this lipstick is but after awhile it'll settle in and you won't even notice it. Personally I find shade a little dark for my skin tone so I use it together with the lip concealer to lighten it up. The staying power of this lipstick isn't that strong, from personal experience it's lasted around 4-5hrs. It wipes of easily when you drink or eat.


Dear Darling Lipgloss:
This is my favourite lipgloss!! As I recall it's #11 Peach Snow. I use it all the time, its clear with a tint of very light baby pink with shimmer. It also has a very pleasant strawberry smell to it. This lipgloss isn't very sticky which is good because I hate the feeling of having something on my lip, also this lipgloss definitely needs to reapplied every 3hrs because it comes off easily when you're drinking.
Here's a picture of me wearing the lip concealer, Pk007 lipstick and 'Dear Darling Gloss'


Peach Water Gloss:

This lipgloss comes in 5 shades but I only got #2 strawberry milk, unlike how the name suggests it actually smells like peach, which is very yummy! so it won't be awful if you accidently eat this. Unlike the 'Dear Darling' lipgloss, this ones a bit more sticky and you can feel it on your lips when you're wearing it. However as it's more sticky I find that it seems to last a little longer and doesn't rub off easily. This lipgloss also has a slight shimmer to it.


Here's a swatch of the lipstick and lip glosses, all of them have being lightly swiped once.

Etude House pt.2 [Blushes]

Lovely Cookie Blusher:
There's 5 shades in this collection, I only have two [#1 Pink, #3 Orange]
All the blushes come with a cute bow puff for application but I personally prefer using a brush as I have more control. When applied the blush shade is very light and have a little shimmer to them. Therefore it gives you a very subtle hint of colour in your cheeks (: and it's very easily buildable, so it's entirely up to you on how subtle you want it too look. This blush lasts me all day at school so that's ~6hrs, which is decent for me. 

In this image the colours looks a very strong, that's because I put on at least 3 layers, to show the colour as it was really hard to just capture the colour with 1 layer on.


Peach Cheek Stamp Blusher:

Once again there's 5 shades in this collection but I only have #5 Happy Peach Instead of a puff this blusher comes with a stamp.. which is entirely useless unless you want a huge obvious circle stamp on your cheek. You can always apply it on like that and then blend it out with a brush, but I find that the stamp collects way too much powder. So I'd advice you lightly dust the stamp for powder and then blend. It looks more natural that way.

Here's a picture to show you what I mean and I've only lightly pressed the stamp against my arm.
 This blush lasts a fairly long time, more than the 'Lovely Cookie Blusher'. It can last around 9hrs with no reapplication. Oh and did I mention it smells like peach (: but please don't try to sniff the powder it'd just go up your nose. haha
This is what it looks blended out with a brush. I absolutely adore this blush it's the perfect shade for me and a little goes a long way and you can easily build the colour up to enhance the colour.

Miss You

): so my boyfriends gone to m`sia for almost 1month now.
I'm so lonely.. Another 2 weeks!
(Such a old photo oct`10, haha only one where we look decent)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Etude House pt.1 [Eye-shadow Palette]

(: I absolutely adore this Korean cosmetic brand, mainly because I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I have a few products from them, which i'll review in the next few posts.


Starting off with the 'Luci Darling Fantastic Gradation Eyes'. As I'm aware there's 6 palettes in this collection from what I remember last time I might be wrong. However I only have the original 3/4 that first came out.
#1 Pinky Silver
#3 Caramel Sepia
#4 Olive Black

The packaging is really cute with the little bow at the opening, also it's really helpful with the gradation tutorial on which part of your eye to apply which colour to get the best effect. All palettes come with 2 applicators, one to apply and one to blend.

#1 Pinky Silver: This one is so sweet, the pink gives a extra 'pop' (:

#3 Caramel Sepia:  Love this one, its so natural. I use it all the time for school.

#4 Olive Black: This one is more suited to night time, for a more smokey effect because I tend to stay away from darker colours during the day.

As you can clearly see in the pictures all the eye-shadow palettes are very shimmery, so a little goes a long way. However this is just the original 3/4. Last time I checked in the store the new ones were matte, so if you  prefer matte over shimmer I suggest you purchase those ones instead. They are fairly pigmented and last for up to 12hrs in my previous experience without a primer.

Here are the swatches for the palettes, going anti-clockwise around the palette.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diet & School

Okay, so I started a 'diet' around the beginning of summer holidays and I somewhat followed it.. ): i just can't keep the motivation. However compared to previous times this diet has lasted the longest and i actually lost weight! (:

I'm now 50kg!!! wooo ~
Except I think I'm a bit underweight for my height (5'6) not sure.. o'well.
I feel more positive being this weight.
My mama, still thinks I'm fat -____-'' so I guess I'll try to be 48kg to please her.
I exercised for so long today my legs burn.
I stuck this cartoon I drew of me on the wall, haha it looks more like the Pringle man in a skirt


Oh! and school timetables came out today ):
.I have the preferable best teachers for each subject but,
 best teachers = no fun
*sigh yr12 is going to be a long year. Last year of school, still not sure what I want to do in Uni..
Still regret not picking methods.. hopefully I can take a 'back door' or transfer (:

New Blog!

Welcome! ♥
Hopefully this one won't die..