Thursday, March 31, 2011

update ~

Argh! His birthday is in 2days-ish
Made this quickly in 3hrs, so rushed.
It's so demented and out of proportion.
Been so busy at school ): so I didn't have time to make a pattern this time unlike the bear. So I just got a pattern off etsy. (:
note: the elephants blue, my room light is yellow -_____-''' so it affects my pics.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boyfriend's bday!

Hey guys!
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a week and I forgot.. yes I know I'm a horrible girlfriend. It just slipped my mind I was really busy with school and everything (which I think I'm failing btw, I study so hard and I still screw up... so frustrated at myself.)

A bunch of us are getting him some shoes? I'm not sure, someone else is organising that..
I'll probably pitch in 50% of the price for them.
I tend to stray away from buying him stuff that's music and fashion related because he's really picky about that and always likes the really expensive stuff ):

So I thought on top of that I'll just give him some extra things..
- a handmade blue elephant ♥♥♥
- customised pocky (stole the idea off strapya, haha)
& that's it... I suck.

): help me guys, what else..? I have 2 sacs this week so I'll be busy studying and cause it's in a week it can't be bought online! argh

Earth Hour

Don't forget it's Earth Hour in ~30mins
8:30PM, 26th March 2011
Let's all do our bit for our beautiful earth, which we often take for granted!

Multi-Cultural Week

At our school we celebrated multi-cultural week.
We had heaps of activities celebrating different cultures.
My favourite was sushi making! except it was only for juniors -_____-'''
On Friday we had cultural dress day.
I had planned to do my make-up like a panda, but I woke up too late and only managed to do my hair in two buns..and without the make-up everyone just called me Chun Li from street fighter. haha
I also wore my Hong Kong flag as a cape!
Upload more pics later when I hunt down more, I forgot to bring my camera so all these pics are either from mine or my bf's phone.
Yes, I'm aware of my ugly eyebags.. ): been sleeping so late these days.

Just some purchases
Liz Lisa: Pink Nordic scarf

Navy puff sleeved shirt: $20 -> $18 (10% off cause there was tiny visible stitchings on the sleeve, which I easily fixed in 1min yesterday night, hehe)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More shopping!

Went shopping with my sis last night, just got a few items.
I saw these cute t-bar flats with pearls and bows, except the sizing was weird ): so I didn't buy them.
Got all this (below) for $30. (:

Black strip frilled singlet: $40 -> $10

Cotton On & Cotton On Body:
'Mi Amor' shirt: $30 -> $10
Pink floral undies: $10 -> $2

Heart tights: $20 -> $3

Jeans West:
Black leopard skirt: $30 -> $5

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kara endorses Palty!

Palty finally has a bubble range, so excited!!! I always preferred Palty's colour range over Prettia, but used Prettia because it's more easier. Just wanted to share some pics! Shame I can't read japanese. ):

From what I can gather from the images, it comes in a cup with a mixer as opposed to Prettia which has a pump. I think that this will be much better in terms of getting your values worth.. but Prettia already gives a significant amount. Also I think with the cup it might be dangerous with spillage and the fumes will be more intoxicating. :l

However that's just from what I've gathered from the images! I may be wrong!!!
Will review once I get my hands on this. hehe (: gonna dye my hair like crazy, with all these gorgeous colours!
Sorry for the tiny pictures ):
credit: Dariya site
(included the CF below)

Shopping Haul ♥

Just some things I bought over the past 2 days. As you can see everything is on sale. I rarely buy anything unless it's on sale, haha i'm such a cheapo.
From my purchases you can clearly see how much I love pink, florals and lace. ♥♥♥

Forever New:
Floral Shorts: $60 -> $40
Lace top: $20 -> $14 ->$0
It was 'Buy one get one free' so an absolute bargain!~ only paid $40 for both

Cotton On Body:

Bras: $19.95 -> $13.95 each (30% off)


Brogues: $50 -> $40 (20% off)
Lace Socks: $19.95 -> $15.95 (20% off)


Fur Jacket: $39.95 -> $27.95 (30% off)

V-neck 3/4 basics: $12 -> $9.60 each (20% off)
Black basic skirt: $10 -> $8 (20% off)

Crystal heart earphones: $4
Originally saw these in a asian mini store for $22 -_____-'' complete ripp, went on eBay and got them for $4

Bloo Nails!

Diana Manicure 1412
The Face Shop BL602

(: saw this gorgeous blue and I had to buy it! added a glitter coat on top just because I like all things shiny.
note: these are my real nails in case anyone asks -____- people at school always try to pull my nails off.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Argh ): random post before I sleep... I keep being haunted by this number.. okay not haunted but enough to make me paranoid.
Its the number of views on my blog and number of emails in my inbox.
This makes me uncomfortable.. ):
and also usually whenever I check the time its 4:44 DEATH TIME! and I just sit there panicking until the minute passes.
Yes, I'm superstitious, what about you guys?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Went out to lunch with my mummy and daddy today (:
I also saw Grace, we've known each other since we were 3years old.
): but sadly we drifted apart when I kept having to move to various schools...
note: I didn't wear the glasses out, haha just wore them just then to take a picture.
my dad said no boy will want to marry a retard like me ):
please excuse the poor quality, took them with my phone, my camera is out of batt. too lazy to recharge.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome back, me!!

Hey guys! I'm back for now.. haha ):
School is stressful! First i'll just update some pics from cowes.
Cowes was so fun! It's basically a motivation camp for yr12.
WARNING! I look terrible in these pictures because I'm not wearing any makeup in my pictures cause they woke us up at 6am everyday! ): and I slept at ~4am the nights before, I need all the sleep I can get.. <3
I won't pic spam, I'll just upload a few.