Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey guys :( sorry for the lack of updates! once again i'm struggling with school especially because I have a cold and a sinus infection. I'm extremely stressed with heaps of SAC, my art folios due and my Accounting mid-year just looming around the corner (I'm printing past exams as we speak. ;____; im a tree killer)and theres many more!
Anyways the whole point of this post is to confirm my hiatus. I''ll be back in around 3 weeks.

Here's one of my OOTD (repeat outfit, I think) and purchases from awhile ago. nothing special...

bra: $30 reduced to $10
set of bracelets: $12 (25% off)
sweater: $30 (40% off)

Monday, May 23, 2011


I wish everyone would just leave me alone and stop pestering me about what course I'm going to take or what Uni im going to next year. I don't friggggin know! -_________-''' when I know I'll inform you! okay?!
argh it's driving me insane.. and even if I knew what I wanted it can all just change when I get a crap ATAR.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Absolutely Irrelevant.

lol, its 12:30am and I'm talking to my bf about 2NE1's MV of 'Lonely'
Was discussing how hot CL's hair was so I decided to attempt it!
I'm so fail :( 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm such an idiot...

:( sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with school as usual.

For our 1 yr anniversary, by bf made this scrapbook full of pictures of the first time we meet, the first time we held, deb, formal, random dates etc! it was filled with movie tickets and all sorts of random things! I'll take pics later ^---^" it was the sweetest thing ever! It was like a story book and right at the end there was a hole cut out of the pages and in there was engraved couple rings!!! hehe sadly mine was too big for me. :( I have super bony fingers. So I usually wear it as a necklace! He also got me something else but Korean Postage takes ages..

We didn't get to celebrate until today (Saturday) because we were loaded with tuition on Wednesday.
Today (Saturday) :( I dropped my ring in the toilet. Of all days I decided today I would wear the ring on my finger as a proper ring and not a necklace and like I mentioned before the ring doesn't fit me well.. I'm smaller than a size 5. We went 'The Age Career Expo' and I went to pee and when I went to wipe I heard a *cling
I was so upset at myself. :( btw did I mention I had my period! I couldn't bear to fish it out. So I had to flush it down... I contemplated secretly replacing it without my bf knowing but when I walked out of the toilet and I saw him I just started bawling for ages! I felt like such a horrible person. :( He said I should've just called him cause he would've fished it out! but that's disgusting :(
He said he'll buy a new one now, but it's not the same. I hate me! why am I so careless. :( I didn't even take a picture of them! whyyy I hate me so so so much! I'm pathetic!

So after crying for an hour or so I finally calmed down and we headed for city and went to 'Oriental Express' for lunch :) we ♥ sushi trains, yummy. Afterwards we went shopping and photo world to take some pics and waste money on the claw machines. hehe. Oh and to all Melburnians! Artbox in Target Centre is closing down! 50% off all items!


anyways...Picture Time! *please excuse my eyes :( all my mascara and eyeliner came off when I was crying.. I should really invest in some waterproof products.

*  my brogues look so wrinkly :( and I ripped my heart tights..
he wanted to be like a penguin... so embarassing! all these people walking by were like "wtheck... o__o"
whats a post without a cam-whore picture (: hehe
(^ oh and that's what the platinum beige has faded normally)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Short Dolly Wink Review & Anniversary

I should be studying for my english sac tomorrow :( but I'm too lazy.. 

btw, sorry for the crap quality >:( it wouldn't upload so I had to use other sources.


Quick Review on 'Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner in Black'

"Every girl can become a doll! For the girl who wants to be 'Otona Cawaii' it's a present from Tsubasa."

*after rubbing water ( no smudge but slightly less pigmented)

♥ Packaging is adorable!!! Love it
♥ Personally the length of this pencil is a bit too short (~12cms) for my liking :l it's not a comfortable grip for me
   I already hate pencils because when you sharpen them you already lose some..
♥ Lasts up to 12hrs 
♥ Waterproof & very minimal smudging
♥ Easy to remove with make-up remover
♥ Very creamy and pigmented so it won't tug at your skin
♥ When I tried rubbing it off with water it only slightly lost some pigmentation which I don't think is an issue since it's already so pigmented. Actually makes it look more natural ^---^'''

Hand made card for my bf ^--^" our anniversary, I didn't show the side with the writing because you don't need to read that !~ && the ribbon has pretty hearts on it! Oh and the pocket is for the love coupons.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My weekend ♥

Hey guys! sorry for the lack of updates :( schools killing me! 

First of all! I dyed my hair with 'platinum beige' I was really disappointed. I'll do a proper review later!
oh! and I cut my fringe myself.. again ^---^''' side fringes annoy me.

Went to watch 'Fast & Furious 5!' it was amazzzzing!!! ♥♥♥
except I wish there was more racing :( but all in all it was funny and well worth the money!
oh! and if you haven't seen it! stay after the credits!!!! there's a snippet section/teaser for the next movie!!!
Afterwards we went to eat dumplings and shanghai noodles! We got these weird hybrid dumplings... not quite steamed but not quite fried. I think they were just busy! usually its not that bad... 
*pic spams
:( I was cross-eyed...

It's me and reuben's 1year anniversary on Wednesday (4th May) 
I've been so busy studying I didn't have time to get/make all the presents I had in mind. 
So I just settled for love coupons and a steel bracelet engraved with our day "040510♡" :) hehe
I'll make it up to him later for this shit present!~ 
Got him the bracelet today! :( never knew they were that expensive! $110. 
Oh! and my rents went to a wedding dinner tonight! It was fun helping my mum get dressed up and I ran around the house in my dads huuuuge pointy dress shoes. haha~


Anyways I should be studying now! I shall update later!
Oh! and I'll do some reviews later. hehe :( no time to post!