Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Marina Anchors ♥ *image heavy~

As mentioned in the post before I was going to do a proper post about my lalaloopsy
I received 'Marina Anchors' from the 2011 collection. Too lazy to adjust lighting in the pictures ^--^" sorry.

The packaging for this doll this huge! The box is bulky in the shape of a house with a cute little heart handle. Hanging on the front is her birth-date + her personality. I love how it says "for ages 4 to 104" As for the back is a picture of the doll & it's pet. ( All doll's come with a pet) Then on the bottom it shows the other dolls in this years collection. There's also a further description of the doll.
Opening this doll is ridiculous! The tape that the manufacturer chose to use is extremely hard to rip off and theres tabs everywhere! After 10mins or so wrestling with this box I finally opened the back and I saw this...
More unpackaging! The double sided poster is just a picture of the doll on the back of the box and on the other side it's all the dolls in this years collection. It's rolled up in a really stupid way it's like waves...
It's like taking apart a bomb! You have to twist, unwind, unloop, re-bend plastic etc. my gosh! Another 5mins later my doll was free! Shes 33cms tall I believe. Her head weighs a tonne! She can't stand by herself as her head is too heavy and her feet are angled downwards. Even when she sits she needs something to support her, otherwise she'll topple over. Her leg joints are just like a human where the legs can go back&forth and the arms go all the way around and back&forth. As for the head it can be spun all the way around 360. As mentioned before all dolls come with a pet. Her's is obviously a whale! It has a little hat, a heart shaped tale and it's blushing! ♥
As you can see she has a straight fringe and 2 braids in a bow and as her name may hint she has a sailor outfit! It's a dress with puffy sleeves, a bow and pleated skirt with little bloomers underneath. There's a velcro at the back so you can change her clothes. I think you can change her shoes yet but I haven't figured how to do it ): and on the bottom of her shoes is L and R in hearts I thought that was cute. Also she has white undies with her birthday printed on a heart on her bum! The little details on this doll are so adorable.

Lastly, I will be on hiatus again! It's my last term of school! So it's going to be really stressful so I most likely won't be posting for awhile. Hopefully when I come back I will have graduated! (: ♥ See you guys in a few months! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Birthday & Mini Haul ♥ *image heavy ~

(: I'm alive! This is going to be a long post, well it took ages to put together.

Firstly, just some things I bought from Forever New♥ these past 2 days. At the moment they have further 30% off SALE items and 10% if you're a student. Sadly it can't be used in conjunction, haha. None the less it's still a bargain! I always want the scalloped shorts in cream... but when they were on sale they didn't have my size ): So I just got the brown.. it's not as nice but it's okay..

bow tights : $15 -> $7
crochet vest : $60 -> $20
scalloped shorts : $50 or $60? -> $28


So it was my birthday on Monday (11th July). I'm not one for huge celebrations so my boyfriend just took me out. The boyfriend baked me a cupcake, gave me a cute elephant necklace (we♥elephants, i forgot why!but we do) and a huge teddy it's as big as me! Had to carry it around with us all day! So tiring. Do you see how huge it is?! He wanted to get me a even bigger one but everyone told him he was crazy.
We went ice skating and omgosh it's so hard! I'm like slowly shuffling along and this grandpa who looked like he was 80+ whooshes past me. Also this lil kid grabbed my butt! ): We then went shopping ♥ and took some pictures ~ and went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Afterwards met up with family to eat at a buffet *-* was so full afterwards, like a big fat ball!


The next day I was suppose to meet up with Mon at 2pm to go shopping at chaddy! jadhjakdhlas overslept she texted me at 2pm asking me where I was. Honestly, that woman is always at least 2 hours late and the day I oversleep she's on time. We didn't buy much ahah, only got a jar and a bear with cute blush!!! Super pointless day. We didn't take much pics together because every time we do our faces look like a train wreck. I'm not joking, lemme show you. Here we are by ourselves (no photoshop) ! perfectly acceptable.. then..
Put us together! slitty eyes, hair in mouth, no fringe etc. Need I say more? haha
Oh! and she got me a lalaloopsy ♥ I love her so much ( the doll and mon!) hehe.
If you know me, you'll know how much I adore lalaloopsys. I wanted 
Jewel Sparkles or Sugar Crumb Cookie, Misty Mysterious the most. (pictures shown in order below)

However Mon got me Marina Anchors from the new 2011 collection. She's still just as cute!

 I shall do a separate post later. ♥♥♥

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I really need some new clothes...
Just had tuition today and had dinner with my boyfriend (:
Wearing my new grey cardi from Zara. ♥♥♥ the feeling of new un-stretched sleeves. 
I fail at tying bows but I really wanted to wear my new sailor scarf its so pretty! Got it for $7 (org. $16)

Monday, July 4, 2011


This is going to be a short post because I'm tired and no pictures because I forgot my camera. ):

Went to Zara today with my boyfriend, for once there was no cues to get inside...finally!! To be honest I was really disappointed it definitely didn't live up to the huge hype everyone gave it and the stock was really bland compared to the UK site. Everything in there was either in brown hues or vibrant pink/green/yellow.
*shrugs maybe I'll find some nice pieces in the near future when I'm a little bit older. The price on the other hand I thought was perfectly acceptable. Everyone kept telling me how its so ridiculously overpriced etc. but I got a nice grey cardi for $30. Which is even cheaper than stores like Dotti and Cotton On and there was some nice skirts for $40.
We also went to Myer and there was a giant lego giraffe. hehe ♥♥♥

Oh! and to all melbournians that shop online for Dollywink, Palty, Prettia etc. All those beauty goodies from overseas. You should definitely go have a look at 'Tokyo Nono Shopping Mall' on 345? Bourke Street (Next to Maccas)! Super cute clothes and heaps of beauty goodies!!!!